Poem: Written in the Stars: A Destiny of Meaning

Syed Muhammad Shah
1 min readDec 17, 2023

I struggle to understand the meaning of life,
Unanswered questions keep burning me from inside.
I want to wander the universe of the divine,
But I dread I will run out of time.

Dangling between the do’s and don’ts of life,
As I didn’t come with a manual to be my guide.
The race to worldly success occupies my mind,
Leaving no room to pursue the meaning I hope to find.

Uncertain if I even want all the answers from the divine,
There is a reason wisdom is confined from mankind.
The quest to seek meaning is enduring and daunting,
I find myself thriving on a hope arising from sinking.

Peeking from a window, silence being my assistant,
Observing the marvels of the universe from a distance.
By the hand, destiny is written; I will be aligned,
The meaning I seek, I’m destined to find.