Poem: Harmony in Chaos

A man gazing at the sky, looking for peace,
All he finds are stars twinkling like a beep.
The sounds of which cannot be reached,
All he hears are the sounds of his heart’s beat.

Thinking, what can he do to ease his pain,
As everything seems to fall in vain.
The destiny which he cannot control,
Embracing the unknown as he rolls.

Facing a dilemma, he cannot fathom,
Desperately seeking a gleam from the chasm.
Fear and courage entangled together,
But at this point, he does not bother.
As he has taken a leap, stretching his feathers.

Inspired by the wisdom of the divine,
Aiming for the freedom to let his being shine.
He continues to walk, facing all the odds,
Preparing himself for a meeting with the God.