My Just Start Goal Experience

Syed Muhammad Shah
3 min readJul 31, 2020
Let’s Go!!

My goal is to enhance my writing skills. I am going to achieve this goal by reading at least one article of newspaper, one blog post related to my area interest, learn 3–5 vocabulary words, and one grammar rule on daily basis for the next two months. The purpose of this goal is to improve writing for academic and business purposes, and also for blogging. It will help me in applying for scholarships, higher studies, or jobs. Writing is one of the crucial skills and plays a great role in a persons’ success.


In order to write good, make a prominent impression, and express your thoughts deeply, you need to have a diversified vocabulary. That’s why I started with building vocabulary as my first task. The experience I gained from this activity is that, learning vocabulary is not an easy job. But somehow, I devised a strategy to memorize words efficiently, and finally completed the task.

Newspaper Reading

I have completed my second task by reading the newspaper. One of my friends gave me the idea to start reading it because a newspaper contains all the essential ingredients and vocabulary a person needs. I find it a little bit difficult at first, but after reading the second time, I began to understand the main point of the writer.

YouTube Channel for grammar

This is the YouTube channel that a friend recommended me to learn basic and advance grammar rules. This was my third task, I watched his video and learned a grammar rule, he really explained well.


So, these were the task which I have completed today, and I am going to repeat this activity daily. Prior to defining Amal SMART goals, these basic tasks were a great challenge for me. Usually, procrastination took over and I barely got some time out for these activities. By completing these tasks, I have rewarded myself with new knowledge and information, which will reflect in the future undoubtedly. I am satisfied by completing these tasks and motivated to learn more and will make it a habit to complete these tasks daily. My next step would be to use these newly learned vocabulary words in the sentences to get better used to it. After that, I’m going to write and publish articles related to any topic which falls in my area of interest. Then, I’m going to participate in online writing contests on Wattpad. Winning isn’t important to me, improvement is. In the end, I will try to get feedback from professional writing ninjas.

This process will go on because learning never stops.

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