Beyond Education Miseries

Syed Muhammad Shah
2 min readAug 14, 2020

Education is a powerful weapon. It’s the need; it’s the requirement for every gender. Pakistan has a large youth population. An estimated 103 million or 63 percent of the population falls under the age of 25 years. Due to endemic poverty, the majority of youth in Pakistan do not have the opportunity to experience a better education. Prosperity of a country lies in the hands of the youth. By educating the youth you are not educating a single individual but you are educating the country’s inhabitant and a valuable asset.

By fundraising in this domain, many problems can be solved. Luckily, When it comes to charitable giving, Pakistan is a generous country, and it contributes more than one percent of its GDP to charity. The charitable amount can also be used to enlighten the pauper community with education and related facilities. One of the other major problems is the lack of awareness about the importance of education in the poor community. Running awareness campaign is a great way to create a sense of awareness in the minds of those parents who consider education as a waste of time and set their children for laborious work. Another approach is to target all the public sector educational institutes and analyze their condition which will lead us to take the necessary measurements accordingly.

Achieving these minor tasks can have a great impact on our society and can promise a higher literacy rate. Slowly and gradually the youth will participate in the country’s growth and development, which will be inevitable with a higher literacy rate. We will observe a downfall in poverty and an increase in economic development.