A Gratitude Letter (Lollipop Moment)

Syed Muhammad Shah
3 min readJul 30, 2020
Gratitude Letter Design

We usually do not express our feelings, it doesn’t mean that we do not care about someone; it’s because we are not accustomed to the habit of gratitude and thanking. Why? Because we anticipate that the other person next to us will know what we feel about them. Unfortunately, this does not happen, and we tend to create a false belief. That’s what was happening with me but no more further. I’m going to share with you the process, experience, and the recipe to practice gratitude and thankfulness.

Today, I have experienced a wondrous feeling, just by expressing the innermost feelings in the form of words. And guess what? It made me so happy by letting the other person know what they have done for me and what I feel about them. I realized that help does not mean someone is going to break mountains for you or save your life. It can be anything, even if its the length of a needle. What I learned in Amal so far is that such moments are called the lollipop moments. The idea is so powerful yet very simple, you should be thankful to every person who has created an impact on your life or has done something, knowingly or unknowingly, that can be your friends, relatives, or even strangers. By thanking and letting them know, you make them feel good, you make their day, and you make your relation stronger. Words are very powerful, with the correct opt of words you can make someone’s day or you can completely ruin it. By using the thanking words you make them feel special, they get motivated and the feeling is amazing for both sides, which I came across recently.

I remember the days when writing something was a nightmare to me, seeing the white blank page of the MS world document was horrid for me. I was really struggling with my writing. Then, here comes this friend, I was truly inspired by his writing skills. I got my motivation from him and persistently worked on my writing skills. He supported me and still he is doing by the way; all I needed from him was a genuine feedback.

Lollipop Moment :)

I wrote him this piece of letter, although it was supposed to be handwritten, but here’s another thing I really have bad handwriting; I thought I may dread him with my handwritten letter so, I preferred a digital letter and beautifully design it with the blend of some Graphic Design skills. After finalizing the design I Whatsapp him, I got a reply after a few minutes. He was startled and really happy at the same time. I was able to feel every bit of him, that how he is feeling at the moment. At the same time, it made me feels good like I have done a marvelous job. And this whole process worked like a feedback loop, you make someone happy you will get happy, simple.

That’s how I realized the power of gratitude, power of thanking others, and the importance of these precious lollipop moments and how they matter, which is of equal importance for us and for others.

Thanks for reading!