A Deadly Laugh!

Syed Muhammad Shah
3 min readOct 16, 2020

It was our second week, and we were assigned the first project. Basically, we had to create a fun 60-sec video following tips about being an MVTP(Most Valuable Team Player) of Communication from the online course and we were to explain it through our video in a funny way. Just like me, everyone else brainstormed and devised a script for their fun video. All were really good, well crafted, and well presented. But there was one person in our batch who went the extra mile did something different, unexpected, and very hilarious. I still remember the moment I watched the video, it was a deadly laugh; I thought I would die laughing today.

A Bomb!

The topic of her video was “Always respond with urgency” and she explained through a hilarious scenario. She was in a bomb squad and on a mission to defuse a bomb that was going to explode in a few secs. Boss told her that there will be two wires but there were three and she kept calling the Boss, meanwhile the Boss was zzZZ…. Ironically speaking, as you can see in the above picture how beautifully she had arranged a bomb by placing markers, wires, and holding a scissor in her hands. And she was crying “YOU ARE NOT RESPONDING SIR, ITS URGENT SIR PLEASE ATTEND MY CALL”. As you all might have probably guessed what will be the outcome — BOOM!! “A Blast”. And She...

A dead Face

This was the time when I burst into an uncontrollable laugh.

So what was the key takeaway from the whole scenario and my point to emphasize?

Respond with urgency is highly crucial in professional life whether you are an employee or an employer. We all have been in such a situation, of course not similar to the one discussed above, but there are times when we have to respond with urgency but we do not; often delay it and always expect others to do the task properly, resulting in an unexpected outcome. So, Respond with urgency is important to maintain a smooth workflow.

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